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Who is Marquel Russell?

My name is Marquel Russell and I'm probably a lot like you. I remember exactly what it was like to struggle and barely get by on a laughable paycheck and barely gets the bills paid and puts food on the table.

It was just a few short years ago...

I found myself at a point where I was extremely depressed and dissatisfied with my life. So much in fact that I was willing to do about anything to finally get off the hamster wheel of poverty and mediocrity.

I Had Tried Everything...

  • Making Long Lists Of Family Members
  • Putting Up Banner Signs And Flyers
  • Attending Home And Hotel Meetings


...I was amazed by the idea of having people contact you and even join your business while you were asleep.

...All without chasing friends and family or attending another home and hotel meeting. 

...And You Know What?

I wasted tens of thousands of dollars and exhausted all of my savings, buying products and systems that promised the world.

And That's Why I Created
The Infinite Success University Inner Circle!

The Infinite Success University Inner Circle is...

Your Rapid Business Building Platform That Lets You Build A Solid Business Like Every Single Top MLM Online Money Maker Starting Today!

As An ISU Inner Circle Member, You Will Learn How To Start Leading With Value So People Will Be More Than Happy To Join Your MLM Business.

Here's Exactly Everything You Will Receive When You Join The ISU Inner Circle Today:

  • LIVE Weekly Coaching Webinars That will Transform You Into a Top Producer in the Network Marketing Profession Even If You're Just Getting Started!

Watch the video below for details...

    • An EXCLUSIVE Vault of Marketing & Business Building Training on Everything You Could Possibly Want, That Will Shorten Your Learning Curve and Get You On The Fast Track To Success & Massive Profitability!

Watch the video below for details...

    • EXCLUSIVE Interviews from The Top 6, 7 & 8 Figure Earners in The Profession That Reveal EXACTLY What They Did To Go From Broke, Confused & Overwhelmed to Superstar Status, Creating Cash On Demand and How You Can Do It Too!

Watch the video below for details...

    • Our Private Facebook Community Where You Can Network & Get Help From TONS of Like-Minded Entrepreneurs From Across The Globe 24/7!

Watch the video below for details...

And That's Not All! We've Also Included Some Extremely Valuable Bonuses For Smart Business Owners Who Reserve Their Membership Today! 

  • Bonus #1: Video Marketing Crash Course

($600 Value)

How to Create Instant Celebrity Status and Generate 10-30 FREE Leads Per Day Leveraging the AMAZING Power Of Video Video Marketing

  • Bonus #2: Objection Annihilation

($600 Value)

How to Effortlessly Overcome Any And All Objections You Will Face.

  • Bonus #3: Ultimate Unlimited Traffic System

($600 Value)

Your One-Stop Shop For All The Highly Targeted Traffic Than You Will Ever Need

  • Bonus #4: Rejection Free Prospecting Made EZ

($600 Value)

How To Easily Sponsor 3-5 New Reps Per Week With No Rejection.

  • Bonus #5: My Blog Empire Pro

($600 Value)

How To Build A Profit Producing Blog Empire From Scratch!

  • Bonus #6: Lead Conversion Mastery

($600 Value)

5 Amazingly Powerful Strategies To Convert Your Leads, Sales, Sign Ups and Fans Who Are Eager To Buy Whatever You Have To Offer!

  • Bonus #7: Free Lead Generation Domination

($600 Value)

How To ATTRACT 10-20 FREE Leads Per Day,  On 100% Auto-Pilot

  • Bonus #8: Email GoldMine

($600 Value)

How To Legally Print Money Thru The Power Of Email Marketing

That's Over $2300 in Bonus Value Alone!

I recruited 49 reps in one week!

Dr.Shaun Carter
Kingdom Marketing Strategies

Why Only $9.97?

For THREE reasons...

#1. My normal advanced business trainings are $2,000-$10,000 and that isn’t always realistic to somebody just getting started in their business. I designed Infinite Success University to be accessible to somebody in the beginning stages of their business, who still wants the best training.

#2. Where do my best customers and clients come from? Almost everyone who invests in my advanced business-growth and marketing trainings started out by watching one of my free videos, subscribing to my newsletter, or purchasing one of my “starter” programs… and I want you to be one of those people, too… and I know once you experience the value inside Infinite Success University each month, you’ll be excited to go on to the next level as well.

#3. PROOF: If you can see inside of how million-dollar businesses have been created with what you will have access to inside of Infinite Success University, and how you can do the same thing from scratch, I know, this will give you the advantage and jump-start you need to take your business to the next level and beyond.

Those three reasons are all the same, just worded differently. The bottom line is it is my goal to provide you with value, earn your trust and hopefully forge a long-lasting business relationship with you.

This is a Limited trial offer. Pay Only $9.97 Today And $97.00 Every Month!

Here's what fellow clients and business owners are saying
about Marquel Russell and Infinite Success University...

"I have produced more results..."

“After two sessions with Marquel, I have produced more results using the strategies taught in ISU than I have produced over 12 years in this industry.”

Aundrae Gaskin

"My income has doubled..."

“Since connecting with Marquel and implementing the strategies he teaches, in less than 15 months I have become the Top Recruiter in my organization and my income has doubled.”

Tarence Hill

"I immediately had my first $1,000 day..."

“My business had come to a standstill before connecting with Marquel and the Infinite Success University Inner Circle. Since connecting with the ISU Inner Circle, I immediately had my first $1,000 day and my business has been growing by leaps and bounds every since!”

gerald Bass

"I’ve been able to make money online the first time..."

“When I came to Marquel and the Infinite Success University Inner Circle, I was struggling in my network marketing business. After participating in the training and taking action, I’ve been able to make money online for the first time, recruit people into my business on a consistent business, generate leads on a consistent basis, hit a top rank in my company and helped others do the same!”

John Thomas

"Thank You Jesus!"

“After connecting with Marquel and the Infinite Success University Inner Circle, I went from struggling in my network marketing business to receiving a double promotion in less than 30 days! Thank You Jesus!”

Farlace Lashone

"The value Marquel brings to the table is just unbelievable..."

“I’ve been a member of Marquel Russell’s Infinite Success University for a while now, and the value Marquel brings to the table is just unbelievable. If you’re struggling in your network marketing business, Marquel will take you by the hand and teach you the skills you need to be successful. I can’t say enough about the quality of the training I’ve gotten from Marquel. He goes way above and beyond with the value he provides.

John Lindsey

"A masterclass of business success..."

“Marquel Russell’s Infinite Success University is a masterclass of business success. You get everything you need all in one place. I’ll go as far as to say I wouldn’t have become a six figure earner without Marquel and his coaching. For the price you pay for ISU. You’re basically stealing it. God Bless you Marquel.”

justin Hammonds

He's a great student first, which makes him an excellent teacher second...

Brian Beane
Founder, Mentor To Millions

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This is a Limited trial offer. Pay Only $9.97 Today And $97.00 Every Month!

He advances the people that come into contact with him...

Adam Chandler
Business Coach

This is a Limited trial offer. Pay Only $9.97 Today And $97.00 Every Month!

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Marquel Russell​

P.S.: Are you still reading and wondering if should invest in this training or not? One of the reasons I made this decision to make you the Limited Offer is to take money out of the equation. The truth is, you're getting this for a steal today. I wish this level of business training was made available to me when I first got started. Remember: You are backed by our no questions asked 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Never underestimate the power of a true mentor...

Lonnie Robinson
CEO, Robinson Infomedia

This is a Limited trial offer. Pay Only $9.97 Today And $97.00 Every Month!