Are you serious about being a successful entrepreneur and building a business you love?bluesman-green Frank “The Bluesman of MLM” is a Blues Guitar Player, Video Marketing Expert and 6 Figure Earner in his Company, But it wasn’t always this way…Frank actually got started in the industry not knowing anything about MLM and had never even heard the term “Pyramid Scheme”.

Frank had gotten very good at playing the blues but unfortunately it wasn’t paying the bills and MLM was like an answer to his prayers.

Frank The Blueman’s Favorite Success Quote

  • [spp-tweet “”Amateurs practice til they get it right, pros practice until they never get it wrong!”-Unknown”]

Frank The Bluesman’s Business Failure

  • The Bluesman’s man failure has to do with getting arrested, a weird juice and cloning yourself.

Frank The Bluesman’s Entrepreneurial Light bulb Moment

  • The Bluesman had his first 5-Figure month and one decision made everything take a turn for the worse. (this is a valuable nugget for you)

What Frank The Bluesman Is Most Excited About In His Business

  • The Bluesman is most excited about scaling his business up and taking his marketing to the next level. (Frank shares a HUGE nugget for entrepreneurs)

Frank The Bluesman’s Small Business Resource

Frank The Bluesman’s Top 3 Book Recommendations

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