Are you serious about being a successful entrepreneur and building a business Diane-green
you love? Diane Hochman is a 15 year home business veteran who has worked in virtually every facet of the industry …Network marketing , mail order, direct response, affiliate marketing both online and off.

A much sought after speaker she has traveled both nationally and internationally spreading the good news of the home business movement to everyone from moms who want to be home with their kids to ceos who are searching for a better way.

Diane Hochman’s Favorite Success Quote

  • [spp-tweet ““Don’t Dream It! Be It!”-The Rocky Horror Show“]

Diane Hochman’s Business Failure

  • When Diane first got started in business, she didn’t everything she was told to do (and it actually worked), but the next month everything changed! Find out what happened and how to avoid it.

Diane Hochman’s Entrepreneurial Light bulb Moment

  • When Diane got started in business, social media didn’t exist. Find out the “AHA” moment Diane had when social media launched that made her business easier and equipped her to build an empire from the comfort of her home.

What Diane Hochman Is Most Excited About In Her Business

  • Diane is most excited about the upcoming events she’s going to be speaking at to get hands on with people and also the upcoming mini-courses she’s working on.

Diane Hochman’s Small Business Resource

Diane Hochman’s Top 3 Book Recommendations

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