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you love? “Billionaire P.A” is the Founder & CEO of Wealthy Minds Inc., Wealthy Minds Entertainment, Wealthy Minds Clothing, Sponsor A Kid’s Dream, Sponsor A Homeless Dream & Wealthy Minds Speak Dreams. Wealthy Minds revolution was created to inspire people to think through their faith, keep their eyes on the prize and look beyond their day-to-day realities.

His main objective is to inspire over a billion people to speak their dreams into existence and develop a wealthy mind. His gifts as a TV/Film producer and writer have catapulted him to great success in a short amount of time. He made his entrance into the entertainment industry as an intern at a Television production Network in 2007.

His focused determination has given way to the completion of producing over 100 projects within a year with notable networks and celebrities such as, BET, MTV, VH1, TV One, Spike TV, Wealthy Minds Entertainment, Skee TV, and FGW Productions; Debbie Allen, Lil Wayne, Eddie Murphy, Kanye West, Keri Hilson, Jamie Foxx, Denzel Washington and Quincy Jones.

Billion P.A.’s Favorite Success Quote

  • [spp-tweet ““Never spend your present time, with a person you don’t have a future with!”-Billionaire P.A“]

Billionaire P.A.’s Business Failure

  • Imagine working hard on something most of your life and someone just comes and takes it from you. Every entrepreneur deserves to hear this because making the same mistake could cost you BIG time!

Billionaire P.A.’s Entrepreneurial Light bulb Moment

  • Billionaire P.A. actually came up with one of his many business ideas that is personally going to change the face of the Earth. (I’m blessed to be able to contribute to this)

What Billionaire P.A. Is Most Excited About In His Business

  • Billionaire P.A. is most excited about the Motivational Speaking part of his business taking off.

Billionaire P.A.’s Small Business Resource

Billionaire P.A.’s Top 3 Book Recommendations

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