Are you serious about being a successful entrepreneur and building a business you love?rayd-green Ray Dietrich has an extensive background in sales and internet marketing. He has founded and built traditional businesses such as real estate companies, as well as had success in the affiliate marketing and direct sales industries.

An early adopter, he began using old school BBS systems with Commodore 64 in the late 80′s. Paying $1.25 a minute to surf what would one day become AOL taught him a lot. Ray began working as an internet marketing and social media consultant in 1999. He has built and designed sites for musicians, record labels, clothing companies, entertainment magazines, artists, internet marketers,
direct sales distributors, and many more.

In his marketing career he has:
– Built teams of more than 35,000 people
– Launched corporate ventures for MLM leaders who needed help moving online
– Consulted for multiple-six figure earners on how to expand their
influence even further

He is a Facebook marketing expert, and many top leaders in the direct sales industry turn to him to learn how to use this as a tool to recruit more people into their businesses. He has mastered the art of building relationships online, and setting up automated processes using free and paid traffic to convert the relationships into sales

Ray Dietrich’s Favorite Success Quote

  • [spp-tweet ““The path to success is to take massive determined action!” –Tony Robbins”]

Ray Dietrich’s Business Failure

  • Ray went from make $60,000 per month to ZERO!!! Need I say more? You have to hear what happened and avoid it like the plague.

Ray Dietrich’s Entrepreneurial Light bulb Moment

  • One of Ray’s entrepreneurial light bulb moments happened within the last 18 months and it was a HUGE breakthrough for his business.

What Ray Dietrich Is Most Excited About In His Business

  • Ray is most excited about helping people make money online for the first time and getting home with their families through his Private Online Marketing Team Platform.

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