Are you serious about being a successful entrepreneur and building a business you love?justice-green Justice Eagan worked in the restaurant industry for years and because some events that happened in his life(which you’ll hear about in the show), got his first taste of entrepreneurship.

Justice literally almost quit his business after going 18 months and making a whopping 98 BUCKS! (any SANE person would understand him quitting right?)

Since he stuck it out, he’s gone on to create a solid 6-Figure income from the comfort of his home and is a world renowned speaker, coach and trainer.

Justice Eagan’s Favorite Success Quote

  • [spp-tweet “Commitment is doing the thing you said you would do long after the mood you said it in has left you!-George Zalucki”]

Justice Eagan’s Business Failure

  • 1 day away from quitting, $98 in revenue in 10 months, couldn’t buy gifts for Christmas. Yep! That was Justice’s life and business. Find out why he didn’t quit and how he broke through.

Justice Eagan’s Entrepreneurial Light bulb Moment

  • Hear that “AHA” moment Justice had while being a waiter that changed EVERYTHING!

What Justice Eagan Is Most Excited About In His Business

  • Justice is most excited about creating his own product line or digital products and taking his brand and business to the next level.

Justice Eagan’s Small Business Resource

Justice Eagans’s Top 3 Book Recommendations

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