John Thomas is a proud husband and Father. He is
also a proud graduate from the John-GreenStreets to Entrepreneur Extraordinaire. John always had the dream of being the one to help his family escape poverty, this led to his life of drug trafficking early in life, which led to over 14 years of incarceration beginning at the age of 19.

After the repeated cycles John finally broke away, found the industry of Network Marketing and life has never been the same.

John Thomas’ Favorite Success Quote

  • [ctt title=”It’s not about where you come from that matters but it’s all about where you’re going!-Unknown” tweet=””It’s not about where you come from that matters, but it’s all about where you’re going!-Unknown” coverup=”2V4dO”]

John Thomas Business Failure

  • After attending an event and coming back applying what he learned, John planted some seeds that backfired on him, which was really discouraging.

John Thomas’ Entrepreneurial Lightbulb Moment

  • After struggling miserably and spending his last bit of money, John had a massive shift that changed EVERYTHING!

What John Thomas Is Most Excited About In His Business

  • John is most excited about the ability to be able to pick to his son up from school and spend quality time with him instead of being tied down to a job.

John Thomas’ Small Business Resource

John Thomas’ Top 3 Book Recommendations

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